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Andrew Brian Cartwright,

Project Manager

B. Arch

A member of Rachlin Partners since 2016, Andrew has been practicing architecture for over 15 years with skills spanning design, planning, drafting, and project management. His experience encompasses various project types including Retail, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, and Corporate. The working scale of the projects that he has worked, both domestically and internationally, ranges from tiny retail storefronts to master-planning a new city center. With such a wide breadth of experience and an understanding of both conceptional design and practical construction, he is a versatile resource to the projects he works on.

Outside of architecture, a great accomplishment was to work with NASA and JPL in conceiving and deploying an experiment: the NASA Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program ‐ MUREP “Boredom in Space and How to Cure it.”


Andrew is currently working on a number of high-profile school projects for Rachlin Partners. Prior to joining the firm, he worked on a wide variety of projects throughout the United States, Asia and the Middle East. His work included Healthcare projects in California, from private medical office buildings to imaging centers for UCLA; Retail and Housing centers in UAE, China, India, Azerbaijan, Philippines, and Egypt; Government projects for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Orange County Courts, as well as Los Angeles City and County Fire Departments; Hotel and Aviation projects in California and Korea; and Educational projects throughout Southern California for K-12 school and community college districts.


Andrew graduated from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, with a Bachelor of Architecture. His academic work includes projects such as the VDL Research House / Winter Design Installation and publications in the Building Enclosure Sustainability Symposium (BESS).


Andrew has been camping and hiking in-and-around southern California for most of his life, and running marathons since 2010. He is also a hobbyist in 3D printing, with his own printer that he uses to build custom designs in his free time.

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